Coconut Club
540 Penn Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-5500
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Coconut Club Cookout Menu

$16.00 Shrimp Boil

1/2 lb. of peel & eat shrimp w/ old bay vinegar

$11.00 Jerk Portabella Mushroom Plate

jerk marinated portabella mushrooms, spicy coconut sauce & rice (VEGAN)

$6.00 Watermelon Salad

watermelon, cucumber, thai basil & feta

$4.00 Grilled Corn w/ Togarashi Butter

grilled corn w/ togarashi butter

$4.00 Mac Salad

macaroni, scallion, sesame & spicy mayo

$5.00 Coconut Milk Braised Collard Greens

Collard Greens braised in coconut milk w/ smoked bacon. GF, DF

Coconut Club Staples

$11.50 Spam Fried Rice

Spam, jalapeño, pineapple & soft egg (GF/DF)

$28.00 Lobster Roll Dinner

Hot buttered lobster on a split top roll served with a cup of clam chowder & cole slaw.

$0.00 Delivery 1pm - 3pm


$16.00 Crispy Tofu Adobo

crispy tofu, broccoli, baby carrots, peppers, onion, seasonal veggies, pineapple, adobos sauce, white rice (GF/VE)

Snacks and Sides

$12.00 Salmon Poke

Tamari, sesame oil, cucumber, scallion, furikake, served w/ wonton chips

$8.50 cold farro salad

cold farro, pistachio vinaigrette, pickled green strawberries, fresh strawberries, cucumber, feta cheese

$4.00 Mac Salad

Spicy mayo, sesame, scallions & vinegar (DF)

$4.00 Cucumber Sunomono

Cucumbers marinated in rice wine vinegar & tamari (VE/GF)

$9.50 Veggie Fried Rice

Seasonal veggies, jalapeño peno & pineapple (VE)

$6.00 Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut custard, crushed Nilla wafers, whipped cream & toasted coconut

All cocktails are pre-made and come with serving instructions

$12.00 f-rose pouch

Strawberry, gin, citrus & rose wine (12oz pouch)

$12.00 Pina Colada Pouch

House rum blend, coconut cream, pineapple & lime. Add ice and enjoy.

$12.00 Prickly Pear Margarita Pouch

Mi Campo Tequila, prickly pear, triple sec & lime. 12 oz pouch.

$30.00 Pride Boozy Ice Pops 6 pk

A pop for every color of the rainbow- yellow (honey, ginger, lemon, whiskey), orange (passion fruit caipirinha), red (strawberry basil mezcal marg), blue (hypniotiq blue hawiian) & purple (aviation- violet, cherry, lemon & gin)

$12.00 Dance All Night Pouch

Passion Fruit, Rainwater Madeira, Clarin Pot Still Rum, Orgeat (contains almonds), decanter bitters & club soda.

$15.00 Disco Ball Mugs (Set of 2)

2 12oz. disco ball mugs with straw

Must order at least one food item

$20.00 Charles de Fere (Sparkling)

France, N/V - 750ml

$22.00 Naverran (Sparkling Rose)

Fun & flirty sparkling rose from Spain.

$12.00 Hayes Ranch

Pinot Grigio, California - 750ml

$22.00 Txakolina

Hondurrabi Zuri, Basque, Spain - 750ml

$22.00 Taken, Complicated

Pinot Noir, California - 750ml

$40.00 Famiglia Statella - Pettinociarelle

Etna Rosso, Italy - 750ml

Must order at least one food item

$9.00 Pacifico, Lager


$11.00 3 Stars, White IPA


$2.50 Coconut Club Koozies

It isn't beer. It is a Koozie


$5.00 Q Tonic Water


$6.00 Fever Tree Ginger Beer


$35.00 Coconut Club Grinder

Grinder only. Fill it yourself homies.

Help support the neighborhood

$30.00 Cotton & Reed White Rum


$35.00 Cotton & Reed Mellow Gold Rum


$35.00 Cotton & Reed Dry Spiced Rum


$35.00 Cotton & Reed Allspice Dram


$4.50 - $9.00 Cotton & Reed Hand Sanitizer

2oz (Limit 2 per Order Please)

$7.00 - $7.00 Whisked Cookies

6pk Of chocolate chip or Molasses spice cookies